Stephen O'Connor

Filmmaker | Editor



Austin Kennah - Lead Singer

Domenic Caruso - Guitar

Collin Sheehan - Guitar

Ryan Theriault - Bass

Nicco Torres - Drums


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Official Website




Built By Thieves is a Hamilton based rock band consisting of five talented members: Austin Kennah, Domenic Caurso, Collin Sheehan, Ryan Theriault, and Nicco Torres.


Founded in November 2016, the members of Built by Thieves have been making a name for themselves appearing at various live music venues throughout the downtown core. I was tasked with helping to establish their social media presence by taking concert photographs and promotional head shots for their upcoming album, 'Dreamworld'.

It has been an exciting opportunity to explore the field of music.  Here you will find a gallery of photos that I have taken  for the band. As of February 2018, I completed the official band website -